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The Cosmonaut

It’s always nice to hear being an inspiration to someone, but very rarely it’s anything as cool as The Cosmonaut, an English-language film about a lost cosmonaut who lands back to Earth only to find out that he is the only human being left on the planet.

The film has been in production for several years now. Directed by Nicolás Alcalá, the film is a deep, thoughtful and emotional science fiction story set in the year 1967, the Space Race era, but looking at the world from the Russian perspective. It centers around two cosmonauts and the wife of one of them, their friendship, love triangle and the exploration of space and Moon.

What makes the film special, in addition for being a really good film, is the method it was produced, which is heavily inspired by the production process of Iron Sky and Star Wreck. The filmmakers raised a considerable amount of money from the collaborators over the internet, over 400k€. They will be releasing the film online for free distribution on May 14th, on a Pay-If-You-Like -model, on a DRM-free HD release. Those who contribute money get an access to a huge body of additional material online. A perfect release, available on every screen everywhere.

In addition to this, they are organizing a bunch of theatrical screenings of the film via Tugg.com, which was used also very successfully on Iron Sky’s US release.

Keep your antennas up for the film, it’s an unforgettable experience, and check out their website for more information. The Wikipedia article about the production is rather conclusive as well. The Wikipedia article about the production is pretty conclusive as well. Cosmonaut is here:

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